SoapOman - How Our Journey Began

Hi, I'm Matt. Several years ago I started making soap because my beautiful wife Fiona has Psoriasis and I wanted to make soap that she could use.

After a lot of research, we developed a soap formulation that she was able to enjoy. It was a soft, gentle and effective cleansing bar which included Collodial Oatmeal. Following this we went on to create several different cleansing bars which include ingredients known to support people with sensitive skin such as Manuka Honey, Activated Charcoal etc.

We loved spending time selling our cleansing bars at the local markets and spoke to lots of people about their skin and discovered that there are many people out there who want products that are effective but are also gentle on their sensitive skin.

During the Covid lockdowns we decided to create a small range of Cleansing Bars, made in New Zealand, for people who are looking for a mild and gentle, yet effective cleansing bar.....and so SoapOman and our Grime Fighters were born!

At the same time we also created a formulation for a natural Laundry and Dishwasher Powder again putting people with sensitive skin at the heart of what we do. We do our best to understand that they want products that are effective but don't irritate their skin and we want to support you!

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