Our Story

So my wonderful wife Fiona has suffered from Psoriasis for years.  We have tried so many things to help and some have worked and some have not.

SoapOman - Psoriasis

 Over these years Fiona has bought many different types of soaps, but they all had one thing in common.  These soaps were all the mundane, humdrum shop bought soaps that we come to know through advertising over many years.


Hey, if it's on TV then it must be good, right? Well, what we discovered was that most of the time they either made things worse, or at best, did nothing at all to help alleviate the symptoms.

So, in 2018 I decided that I would try and find a way in which I can help, if I could, and started to research ways in which we can reduce the effect of the psoriasis.



What I learnt was that if you have psoriasis then the best thing to try and do is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.

So I set about creating a soap that that Fiona could use for her face, in the shower, even as a shampoo that could help to do a better job of hydrating and nourishing her skin to see if we could help improve her Psoriasis.

During this time I researched many different types of oils, and watched so many Youtube videos before I finally settled on a recipe that worked.


Hydrating Olive Oil

Using a combination of hydrating, nourishing oils and oils that soothe, I created a recipe that has seen Fiona's psoriasis ease considerably during 2019.

Shop bought soap was drying her skin and by switching to a soap that was simpler and focused on hydration and nourishment, she has now experienced some relief from the condition.


After creating my formula, I didn't want the soap to be boring and bland so went about using different colours and smells.

I only use essential oils in my soap because fragrance oils can cause skin to be itchy and so I experimented different smells using essential oils.

SoapOman - One of our early Soapbars

Colours are also important to make it a bit more exciting in the bathroom.

We ended up with hundreds of bars of soap and started to then give them to friends and work colleagues.

It turns out everyone loved my soap! Yay!

Then someone said they wanted to give my soap as a present to a friend for a baby shower and how much would it cost to buy some.

SoapOman at the Markets



Other friends also encouraged us to start to sell our soap and so our online store was born and we started to go to some of the local markets around Auckland.



We continue to make soap and have now started to create soaps that can help with a wide range of people including:

and we continue to make the original beauty bars with creative ideas on how to shuzz up the bathroom with smells and colours in our beauty bars.

All of our soaps have the same hydrating and nourishing formula and we hope you enjoy each and every one of them.


This is the story of how our little family business was born!