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Honey and Beeswax Cleansing Bar

Honey and Beeswax Cleansing Bar

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SoapOman Henry th Bee Champion of Honey & Beeswax Cleansing Bar made to support the daiy cleansing routine of people with dry skin

Hi, I'm Henry and I want to let you know about the bee-nefits of our Honey & Beeswax Cleansing Bar.  It's un-bee-table because it is a kind and gentle cleansing bar especially made for people who suffer from dry skin.

If you need to wear a face mask all day or perhaps you need to use sanitiser many times a day then this is the Cleansing Bar for you.

It is specially formulated with Manuka Honey which has been known to have antibacterial properties and will be kind to your sensitive skin.

Bee kind to yourself with our Honey & Beeswax Cleansing Bar!


- Sodium Olivate (derived from Olive Oil)

- Sodium Cocoate(derived from Coconut Oil)

- Sodium Stearate (derived from Olive Oil)

- Aqua (Water)

- Coconut Oil (also known as Cocos Nucifera Oil)

- Sweet Almond Oil

- Manuka Honey

- Beeswax

What's Not In The Bar

- No Palm Oil (Sustainable or not!)

- No Artificial Fragrances

- No Talc

- No Cocamidopropyl Betaine

- No Parabens

- Not tested on animals

What Else Is Good To Know

- 1 bar weighs approx. 100g

- Made in New Zealand

- Made with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

- Keep in a dry place when not in use.

- Eco Friendly - no Plastic Packaging

For further information about any of the ingredients, please contact us at:

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