Walter the Walrus

SoapOman - Walter the Walrus and Shaving Cleansing Bar

Walter grew up in the fashionable area of an Arctic suburb living a somewhat simple life, but was always interested in male walrus fashion.

Around the age of 16, he started experiencing a substantial amount of facial hair growth. At first this was scary, as Walter wasn’t sure how to deal with so much facial hair at such a young age, and most of his family didn’t experience this amount of facial hair, EVEN FOR A WALRUS.

So he taught himself how to shave. It was very awkward and painful at first, as he didn’t have the proper tools or knowledge and had to use flippers rather than hands.

He eventually learnt everything via a YouTusk video, a walrus video sharing site. Eventually, he understood his Walrus beard, how it worked and how to shave it properly but he still wanted to keep his moustache for some facial hair decoration.

When he was 18, he went to Walrus University to study cosmetology, and started his own YouTusk channel, WollyTheWalrus.

There, he taught the kinds of things he wished he knew when he first had facial hair. Eventually, his channel took off, and when he finished his degree, he ran it full time. He became a huge internet personality, gaining over 1 million subscribers.

Eventually, SoapOman stumbled into his content during a 1am internet rabbit hole, and reached out to him.

Walter moved out to New Zealand to produce content for the Grime Fighters, and to learn / teach as much as he can about beards, shaving, using his new found fame as Wolly the Walrus.


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