Sarah the Sloth

SoapOman Sarah the Sloth and Blue Lavender Cleansing Bar

Sarah was a very hyper sloth; a big standout from the rest of her pack, who were being very slow and leisurely as sloths usually do. In contrast, she was always busy, anxious, and trying to get stuff done. While other sloths where out eating leaves, slowly climbing trees, and sleeping, Sarah was trying to gather leaves, twigs and buds for her young as well as training to compete in the Sloth-Olympics tree climbing, specifically the 10-20m height category which was her specialist height.

Needless to say, she was restless, even when she didn’t want to be. That was until a sloth friend, Sam, suggested Lavender to her. She scoffed at the idea at first, as simply smelling a plant wasn’t going to fix her anxiety. However, she tried it one time out of desperation. Did it fix it?

Obviously, no! But it helped her feel a wave of calm that she rarely felt in her daily life. This helped her slow down her mind a bit and pay more attention to, and appreciate, the little things in her life.

Fast forward a little bit, and she’s now practicing more mindfulness and understanding herself, becoming both a famous sloth athlete, as a medal winning tree climber, and a sloth mental health advocate. During one of her mental health roundtable discussions, she was noticed by SoapOman.

Intrigued by her approach, he reached out to her in hopes of her representing the Grime Fighters and helping the human world to relax and slow down the pace of life a little. Sarah jumped (slowly) at the opportunity and she now works for them promoting the calming effects of Lavender as well as general mental health awareness.


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