Henry the Honey Bee

SoapOman - Henry the Bee Honey and Beeswax Cleansing Bar

Henry was born into a hive in the wall of a church near Newmarket.  She was considered the best worker bee in her hive, getting exceptional amounts of pollen and honey and working hard around the clock to provide for her queen. She was the top bee of the hive, something incredibly rare to note given the usual hive mentality. However, one day the exterminators came and dismantled the hive in the wall.

The bees, losing their home and some of their colony, fled to different hives or made smaller hives of their own. Henry, however, wanted to find out more. She had been collecting honey all her life, but what did honey even do?

Sure, bee’s eat honey, but it had to have some purpose out of that. After long amounts of searching, Henry found the beesearchers, groups of bees who had asked the same thing, and where set out to find what honey can do.

There, she led in one of their biggest breakthroughs: Honey’s ability to help with the skin. Particularly, the skin of humans. This made the beesearchers and their research well known amongst the local bees, and word spread to SoapOMan and the grime fighters.

The rest, as they say, is history. 


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