Finn the Frog

SoapOman - Finn the Frog and Green Peppermint Cleansing Bar

Finn is a frog that struggles with energy problems: He struggles to sleep, often feels very tired throughout the day, and has spent a very long time trying to figure out how to help it.

However, being a simple frog in Parnell, he didn’t have access to much in the way of energy drinks, medical treatment, etc. That was until he explored his pond and found a peppermint bush.

He took a deep breath and found that the invigorating smell energized him more than usual. Ever since, he’d been smelling it and finally he felt more awake and invigorated.

He realized there were probably more frogs, and even people, just like him, that struggle with similar problems and he thought that his peppermint discoveries could help.

And while humans were already well underway with the knowledge of managing energy levels, he tried his best to help local frogs in his area who struggled with similar problems to him. Peppermint became a craze in the frog world, similar to how caffeine is in the human world.

This discovery and willingness to help others is what got him noticed by SoapOman, who encouraged him to join the grime fighters.


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