Dave the Duck

SoapOman - Dave the Duck Naked Oatmeal SoapDave hatched near a lake on Waiatarua Reserve in the late 90s. He was raised by his Father, Darwin, and his Mother, Delilah, as he played about in the pond with his friends, accepting bread and other duck treats from the locals.

There was one lady in particular who walked by every day to feed his pond: a kind old lady named Mary. However, Dave noticed one day that Mary had some rashes on her skin. One day he decided to ask Mary what it was about, and Mary explained that she had Psoriasis.

She had struggled with the condition for over 50 years, and had no real way of dealing with it. Deeply troubled by this, Dave set out to learn Mary’s condition, and ways it could be treated.

There were many attempts from Dave to try and help it, but being a duck he only knew so much about dermatology. However, when he found a solution, Mary felt relief from her condition for the first time in years.

This started something in Dave; he always loved helping those he cares about, and since then, he has been working to perfect skincare on those with skin conditions, and raising awareness for people like Mary, who have no easy way to deal with something that affects every aspect of their life.

Having been so kind to Mary, Dave eventually came to the attention of SoapOman after he heard of Dave’s advocacy. SoapOman was so impressed that he asked Dave to join the Grime-fighters, in the hopes of working with them to help look after people with sensitive skin.


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