Benefits of Coconut Oil In Our Soap

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Soapoman Soap

The magic ingredient!

There is so many things that are good with Coconut Oil it is difficult to know where to start.

Coconut Oil creates a great lather so you can smother yourself in the luxuriant nature of any bar of soap made with Coconut Oil.

The benefits to your skin are also amazing.


Coconut oil naturally hydrates your skin without stripping away it's natural oils.  Naturally absorbing this oil means your skin looks and feels refreshed after every shower.

It is especially beneficial if you have dry or cracked skin as it can help to increase the moisture content of the damaged organ.


Of course, the main purpose of any soap is to clean your body.  This is where coconut oil comes into it's own.

The natural cleansing ability of coconut oil comes from the rich fatty acids that gently remove the dirt, bacteria and dead skin.

Not only that but it can help to remove make up and is a natural deodoriser too.

Skin Healing

Vitamin E is needed by your body to help heal and coconut oil is rich in vitamin E.  Nourishing your skin, the vitamin E in coconut oil enhances your bodies ability to repair your largest organ.

All Natural Ingredient

All natural, coconuts are sustainable and good for the environment.  Ground, burnt coconut is even used to make the activated charcoal used in some of Soapoman's soap recipes.